Ya Look Good!

So, Indiana Jones and something about a Crystal Skull (yea, that's really how much I don't care) is the latest hit right now. They talked about it for weeks before it came out, they talked about it when it came out, and I'm sure they will be talking about it for weeks, months, even years to come. Lord help us! Let me just put my opinion out there right now just so we're clear... this movie is not "the biggest blockbuster hit of the summer!" nor is it "the best movie this year". In fact without even seeing more than the trailer to this movie I can already tell you that it is a bunch of complete nonsense.

I know all you Harrison Ford fans out there are screaming and cursing at me right now saying how great the movie was, and how great he is, and blah blah blah... Let's face it though, this movie was a final hoorah for Ford. A hoorah that was not only not well deserved, but is also so predictably his.

But that's not even what I'm going to talk about, although I'm sure there will be many a discussion, rant rather, here at Rogue about the, as Bernerd puts it, "cardboard cut-out" that is Harrison Ford.

What I'm tired of hearing though is how good Harrison Ford still looks, like that somehow makes up for the lack of substance in the movie. Every single person I've talked to has said about the movie after they saw it "They ruined Indiana Jones, but Harrison Ford still looks great so it was a great movie!" Wait! Back Up! Did you not just say that they ruined Indiana Jones? Or in other words, they butchered a "classic"? I know that's how they do things in the teeny bopper world, but come on! Since when, in the adult world, have people started basing the quality of the movie on an actor's looks? Have we lost all hope? Have we given up on plot depth, character depth, emotional depth? If so, this is a sad sad day for movie lovers everywhere.


p.s.- Even if you were to base talent on looks alone...Harrison Ford? He's in his 60's! And he wasn't all that good looking in his 20's!


Bern said...

Hey, nice post. I especially liked the "butchered a classic" line. Not to mention the ode to my cardboard cutout collection. Hmm, that give me an idea for a post. Do you think three today is too much? =p

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I couldn't agree more! Whenever I think about Harrison Ford, I remember that great line he had..."Is that the Big Dripper?" (Regarding Henry) He is almost that stupid in real life when he tries to pull off an interview without the lines written for him! And he looks like a bowl of tepid grey gruel! YUK! ~cas