Fatty McGoo

And now! By Popular Demand! I present to you:
(Drum Roll Please)

The Fatty McGoo of the Week!
And the winner is? None other than Mr. Fatty McGoo himself: Lex Luthor!
Lex was the inspiration for the Fatty McGoo awards. It is given to those select few who forgo the Hollywood lifestyle of binge-and-purge/lemon skin/liposuction and decide instead to age like a normal human being.

These Awards are in no way a call to diet!
We love our Fatty McGoos!

And in all fairness, Rosie is a lot better looking with hair - and a fine good actor at that.

Tune in next week for a new McGoo!


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Anonymous said...

Poor Fatty McGoo! But, hey, he sure does clean up nice! Who knew?
He sure is the best reason for (continuing) watching "Smallville"!