Who Are We?

We are the Rogue Independents!

Since "indie" film-making has gone Hollywood, a new term needed to be coined to define those actual independents who can't afford to get Robert Downey Jr in their flick. Heck, we can't even pay our cousins to be in our movies.

Join us! As we take back our independence from Hollywood! and... review some movies in the process.

Meet The Crew

One day, the three of us saw a little show called "Black Books" and life has never been the same. Could it be that we had clones living across the Atlantic Ocean? The similarities were scary. Manny is still hiding under the bed. Our Manny that is...

BERNERD - with the most posts, he thinks he should go first

Yes. He knows it's spelled "BernArd" but he wants to make sure it's pronounced correctly. Plus he's kind of a nerd so, it fits...

Our Bern is a social recluse, has hygiene issues and likes to yell at random moments. He spends most of his hours in front of some sort of screen, reads too much and always has some movie or TV show playing in the background.

He was home-schooled and fancies himself a writer.

FRAN - the one with an actual job

Our Fran is passionate and the group's link to the outside world.

You see, Fran actually has friends. She frequents Starbucks and shops at psychical stores, instead of purchasing everything online. She has a cellphone, a job and brushes her hair.

Just like on "Black Books" we're not totally sure why our Fran likes to hang out with Bernerd and Manny, but they're glad to have her!

Her articles bring a unique flavor to the blog.

MANNY - the sane one

If you ever have to meet one of us, pick Manny.

He doesn't write very much (since keeping Bernerd from cracking up takes up most of his time) but when he does, he brings a sharp wit to all his posts.

A man of few words, his pleasant demeanor assures you that his posts will be funny, to-the-point and wonderfully short. Not like the BLOWHARDS he works with!