I Want to Believe

I want to believe that I can go back to a time before "Californication" and "Evolution". Back to a time before the T-1000 became Scully, and a strange lesbo
became Mulder, and Scully became irrelevant. Back to before the show turned into a bad soap opera with more long reaction shots than "The Days of the Week". I want to believe that the stale basement office will still be there, and that Mulder will turn around with his geeky glasses on and smile. I want to believe that season 7 was more than David's goofy farewell party, and that seasons 8 & 9 didn't ruin any chance this new movie has. I want to believe that the mystery didn't fly off the rails; and that they didn't blow up a long-haired Smoking Man in an adobe hut while running away from a "Suppa Soldja"; and that they didn't randomly kill Krycek in a parking garage for no reason; and that they didn't really have a super baby that was half-Scully/half-Mulder/half-Alien that was then given away because no one could figure out what to do with it. I want to believe there is a point to all of it, and that the truth will triumph!

But I don't.

I will see it opening day. It will always be my favorite show.
R.I.P. May this movie bring you no more shame.