Be Kind Rewind. Rewind? Not this one!

"A movie for people that like movies", how about "A movie for people that like to sniff glue"! With a far fetched plot, the biggest wrap-up ending ever, and Mos Def mumbling through the movie in a half stifled laugh, half apologetic voice, all between a whisper and a mumble, it is EASILY the WORST movie I have ever seen. Then there's Jack Black tooting his one note horn AGAIN! I used to like Jack Black, after he dumped Kyle Gass and before King Kong went WAY to his head! OK, we saw School of Rock, what else ya got? No? Just gonna stand there and play air bass some more? Well, I got better things to do.



Bernerd said...

Brilliant! (said in a Scottish accent, MUST be said in a Scottish accent!)

Fran said...

easily my favorite Manny post. well done my friend. well done.

Fran said...

I've got just three words...Kung Fu Panda.