Thanks for Reducing Our Brain's to Goo.


All right, so I don't know about the rest of you, but when I see a great movie, I remember everything about it. There's this rush of adrenaline afterwards where you know that you could sit there and watch the whole thing again and love every single second.
Although, on the same note when I watch a particularly awful movie, I unfortunately remember everything about it as well. There is no rush of adrenaline, but rather an intense anger in the fact that not only can I not get those couple hours of my life back, but that the movie itself is engrained in my brain for the rest of time. What is it about horrible movies that makes them just stick in your head for all of eternity? There is no escape!

Now, harping on the whole "so-bad-it-makes-you-want-to-gouge-your-eyes-out" thing, what I am about to say next is not an is an absolute fact. I don't care what you say and what your reasons are. Here goes...

Napoleon Dynamite is a disgrace to the film industry in all respects. It has particularly tarnished the indie film name. It is not funny, and it is in no way smart. It took no talent to write, act in, direct, produce, etc... It is a load of garbage that has severely reduced many an IQ.

Now, before all you ND fans come teepee my house, let me tell you why this senseless, talentless, thoughtless film makes me so angry....

You have actors like Johnny Depp, Gary Oldman, Edward Norton, Marlon Brando, and Al Pacino (just to name a few) who pour everything they have into their range of characters. They show a level of emotion that is nothing short of genius. To be able to be a completely made up person and make it not only believable but identifiable is a skill that only few have.

Now, there are plenty of bad movies out why am I picking on Napoleon Dynamite? Well, because there is no plot, no character development, no depth (emotional or otherwise), no message, and no moral, yet this movie is the favorite of many.


This movie made a ton of money, and not only that, won awards! Yes, it actually won awards!

When an Indie film like this is made, liked, quoted, watched over and over, really makes me angry. There are people working night and day, coming up with original story ideas, practicing day in and day out to be as good as they can be. To be smart and subtle and funny and heart-wrenching, and to reach out to the audience and tap into real human emotion.

Then this senseless crap comes rolling in and everyone likes it because...because...because....

yea, still not sure why everyone likes it. The world may never know.

End Rant.


p.s.-If this post made you violently angry ...this blog is not for you.


Bern said...

What is it makes you smirk evilly and laugh? Then can you count yourself in as one of the Rogue Indes? =)

Manny said...

Yeah! GO! GO! GO! Hit him again! Body blow! Body blow!

Get him a body-bag!