Lou... Diamond... Phillips.

L.D.P. made another usually boring TV show worth watching again! I just caught a re-run of his latest appearance on "Numb3rs"! He's done the same thing with "The Triangle"! How DOES he do it? One minute your watching some crappy crank-out episode of a TV show, then, out of nowhere, a shining light in the darkness! It's L. D. P.! Here to make the rest of the episode worth watching. With all of his great reaction faces and witty lines! This trailer for "Striking Range" shows you what you get with L. D. P.. Isn't it great! I could watch that all day!

Am I kidding? You tell me? (comment)


Bernerd said...

I don't know if you're kidding. That's what scares me the most.

Fran said...

I'm afraid to leave a comment...I'm not sure which way you're going with this...haha, well written though! I honestly don't know what to think about your opinion.