The McIsland was McFun


As a proud TV-maniac I spent last summer clinging to "Burn Notice", "Eureka" and any other summer show that would keep me sane, including a romp on "Harper's Island". And boy, was it fun!

It was almost worth tuning in each week just to hear McMills say her little introduction. Including pronouncing her last name "Mels" which kind of got addicting after awhile. Now, I only eat General Mels cereal, listen to the Rumor Mel, and joust at Windmels.

"Harper's Island" is the TV equivellent of "Dante's Peak". In other words, pure good-bad-movie gold. Bad acting. Horrible scenes. Outlandish plot points. Just beautiful. If you're addicted enough to own a Roku, you can watch the entire series for free on Netflix.

Now if only "Lost" could end like this. . .

Nickname Central
There are a few dozen characters on the island and I found that giving them nicknames not only made them easier to keep track of, but made the whole experience of watching this controlled trainwreck even better.

Following the simple formula of "fill-in-the-blank" + Mc + "fill-in-the-blank" here are the one's I came up with. I McHope you McJoy them.

Because of the volume of characters in this show I couldn't show all the Micks. Missing are:
Snooty McClueless
Loopy McGoth
Lady McHobbit
Faux McBiker, Faux McBlack and Faux McNerd

I McWish you a great McDay.